There are game options for everyone, from young children to word play masterminds.

Universal Play

The primary option and hub for all multiplayer options.  Up to four players develop their own individual crosswords, in crossword style, manoeuvring them tactically around a game board. The quest is to capture star squares and stop others from doing so.  For illustrated details please go to Universal Play


Connoisseur Play

The option where skill and ingenuity are a must to master the sting in the crossword tail.  Play is as per Universal Play plus:  Players need to consider including individually and strategically positioned letters into their crosswords, or protecting them from the advances of other players crosswords.  If they do not, they run the risk of being eliminated from the game.  For illustrated details please go to Connoisseur Play.  


Solo Play

The ultimate single player challenge.  The objective is to develop a single crossword that covers all the star squares on the board. The challenge is to achieve this whilst recording a minimum points score.  One point is accumulated for each word played plus any repeat words played, plus any repeat letter or letter blank change. For more details please go to Solo Play.


Fast Play

For active minds and impatient players of all ages.  No need for an egg timer here to keep the game moving.   Players develop their crosswords as and when they think of a word rather than playing in turn.


Token Play

Added interest for younger children and can be a gamble for adults.  Players win tokens when capturing star squares, the winner taking the balance from a common pool.  Tokens can be anything and everything from chocolate coins to the real thing.


Partner Play

Players still develop their own crosswords but work together in the quest to capture star squares.


Themed Play

Players develop their crosswords to a theme that can be their choice or selected for them.


Educational Play

Individual crossword play combined with options appropriate to skill and interest level are key to Questique being the perfect educational resource, helping specifically with word appreciation, spelling and vocabulary development.  For more details please go to Educational Play.


Handicapping Play

A simple handicapping system allows players of mixed abilities to play together and compete as equals.  Even the grand maestro of word play and a young child can be a match.  For illustrated details please go to Handicapping Play.



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